Predicting.... the future your costs your profits.

LandPRO Ltd is a specialist practice of Landscape and External works Quantity surveyors and Landscape Cost consultants.

Core deliverable

We work to achieve cost certainty in landscape construction. For both client and contractor.  We are specialist Landscape QS’s and landscape Cost Consultants.

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Landscape architects and garden designers

Landscape costs budgets and feasibility for Landscape Architects and Garden Designers

If you are a Landscape design professional, we are on your team to achieve Landscape Cost certainty and ensure your reputation for delivery of a completed project to your client’s budget

Landscape tenders and profitability for Landscape Contractors

If you are a landscape contractor we work to understand exactly what a job will cost you and to ensure your profit. We prepare your tender or quotation for submission on time so that you can win only projects that you are certain will be profitable to you

Landscape architects and garden designers
Landscaped garden in oils

Garden design and installation for Private clients

If you are a private home owner or a developer we will assist to deliver the right solution at the correct budget and the ideal solution helping you choose the designer and the contractor at the right budget

Landscape cost for Local Authorities and Utilities

Develop and manage costs for future developments budgets in town and city centres,  Public open spaces, SANGS and long-term Landscape maintenance of the Green infrastructure. In urban and rural environments. 

local authorities Landscape architects and garden designers
site survey for Landscape architects and garden designers

We also:-

  • Compile Spon’s External Works and Landscape and Price book
  • Write magazine articles
  • Are specialist Expert witnesses for Landscape Cost related issues
  • Carry out Electronic site surveys
  • Developed and market the Liberate Estimating system
  • We developed the GardenCOSTS website for Landscape Designers
  • Carry out training for estimators in your organisation.
  • Do CPD events

Most of all as Jerry Garcia says at the top of the page

“You do not merely want to be considered just the best of the best. You want to be considered the only one who does what you do.”  Jerry Garcia

And we think we are

You are personable and thoughtful, and your work was methodical and thorough, and I only wish that we had put it in front of the other side at the earliest opportunity. I would be perfectly happy to recommend you to anyone needing this type of analysis in the future.

Christopher L
Expert Witness Client

Having worked with Sam on a wide variety of projects I can honestly say that his knowledge, integrity and experience make him a key asset to my my network.

I have used Liberate for many years now and have always found it logical and simple to use, any difficulties I do have are easily overcome using the telephone support.  I use Liberate for all of my quoting needs be they simple or complex, the system copes easily with any job I throw at it.”

Richard Gardiner
Norris and Gardiner

Very happy to recommend Sam. We have worked together in a number of different scenarios over the (many) years and I have no hesitation in making that recommendation to others. I consider Sam a colleague, a mentor and a friend. Reliable and honest.

Bim Mackay
Landscape Management and Consulting at Bim Mackay Consulting Ltd

Sam has been a reliable source of information for construction costing over the last 15 years of collaboration. We have regularly out sourced our tender costing process to Sam. He is reliable and trustworthy and would recommend his service in an area of business that handles sensitive commercial information.

Rick Rowbotham
Landscape Architect

We first used Sam's expertise when bidding on a grounds maintenance tender. His knowledge and attention to detail on the project were invaluable. He is a great asset to any team he works with - we will certainly use his services on our next contract.

Simon Rotheram
MD at Beechwood Trees and Landscapes Ltd.

"Over the many years I have worked with Sam Hassle Landpro it has all been good the Liberate system is FANTASTIC making it so much easier to do effectives well thought through Quotes with a very good information base to pass onto the staff to make sure that this is subsequently carried out as efficiently and effectively as possible.  Really the best system out there that we have seen.

LandPRO are always very helpful and especially if you do something stupid are very good at talking one through installation and operation."

Daniel Curran
DIRECTOR - Ginkgo Landscape Contractors Limited
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