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By Clive Hassall

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Landscape site surveys are just a little different to building site surveys so it is worthwhile getting a specialists

We understand the needs of the landscape designer.

Our electronic site surveys are tailored to the needs of the Landscape Design professional.

 They are deliverd in AutoCAD format so that you the professional designer can immediately begin your design work.

Our fees for site surveys will be competitive and our delivery efficient

We will always visit the site and give you our best advice and of course absolute accurancy in the delivered survey.

Our standard specification is  shown below

We can also provide an additional named species and variety as part of the survey

By Clive Hassall
By Clive Hassall

Specification for topographical survey

The survey should include the area as defined by the surrounding boundary walls and include positions and heights of these walls

• All boundaries to be shown with details type and height recorded. Any unidentified boundaries should be marked on the plan and annotated as such.

• Fence boundary lines as found or assumed and projected if no solid fence line is found  

• Levels to be related to OS datum, where no benchmark is available an arbitrary datum of 20.00m is to be used. The datum used should be annotated on the drawing. Levels to   be taken at a suitable interval in order to allow for any change in gradient.

• A suitable number of discrete permanent ground markers will be established within the site to avoid any loss at a later date. These are generally nails driven into the surface

• All surface treatments will be annotated on drawing appropriately.

• All kerb/ drop kerb paths, path, materials positions and heights will be shown.

• All drainage features to be shown ie. Ditches, gullies, culverts, drainage channels, service covers.

• Fixed street furniture to be shown.

• Signage

• Areas that are overgrown to be surveyed as to the best of the surveyor’s ability. If you manage to strim the nettles in the overgrown areas we will manage full access  

• Tree positions to be shown with an accurate spread, girth and approximate height. Tree species to be identified.

• We will show full landscape detail to enable design such as rock shapes rather than  simply positions and high detail on all landscape features to enable design.

• Road line on surrounding road/paths

• Building footprints

• Hardstandings

• Sheds and tanks

• Building positions will be shown within the site, with floor levels, DPC levels, and ridge and eaves heights recorded.

• Entrances and gates, steps

• Details such as posts on the bamboo screens

• Other structures tanks wells etc

• Other features telephone poles, drainage channels etc.

• Individual trees where the tree is an important individual tree or a tagged tree.

• Tree girths and canopy of all major trees

• Identification of trees where possible but clearly marked as Conifer Deciduous or where the Species is clear

• Shrub areas boundaries but not individual shrubs unless free standing.

• Herbaceous/bulbs as areas

• Levels will be at a maximum of 10 metre centres (5 metre centres in most areas)

• The survey will not be related to Ordnance Survey grid unless specifically requested and quoted for.  A local grid will be established

• Manholes and gullies and gratings.

• We will optional provide naming of Shrub species as a follow up .