Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Standard Terms and Conditions for Estimating and Project Acquisition 

The following conditions apply to all estimates produced by LandPro Ltd on behalf of its clients. 

Work output quality issues acceptance of delivered work

1. The quotation or assessment of hours is for the initial tender submission only and is based on documentation on hand at the time of submission of the quotation.

2. All work carried out by LandPro Limited is directors employees associates or agents are carried out under the name of LandPro Limited. No personal liability shall reside with its directors  

3. Receipt or variance of additional information may affect the price submitted if the hours required for submission are affected.

4. The assessment is based on one submission of the tender. Revised submissions will be charged for on the hourly rates as shown.

5. Submission by LandPro Ltd on behalf of the client is deemed as submission by the client.

6. If LandPro makes any submissions in any form of communication whatsoever is assumed that this is done with the express permission of the client and that this information is accepted as correct by the client.

7. If the client does not check information prior to submission it is then assumed to be correct and checked by the client.

8. LandPro cannot under any circumstances be held responsible or liable for information submitted on the client’s behalf.

9. LandPro does not accept any liability for losses or consequential loss as a result of information submitted by LandPro on the client’s behalf.

10. The information produced is seemed to have been checked by the client prior to submission to the clients proposed employer in all respects. This includes but is not limited to, the tasks addressed, the resourcing of those tasks and the costs of these resources.

11. Submission by the client to the client’s employer assumes that all measurements and details are acceptable to the client.

12. Whist LandPro Limited will make every effort to be accurate and correct in all aspects of its calculations or documentation, we accept no liability or responsibility for information submitted by the client or on behalf of the client whether arithmetical textual or intellectual.

13. The copyright on all information produced by LandPro Ltd shall remain with LandPro Limited.

14. LandPro Limited reserves the rights of all intellectual property ideas cost information and methods used to produce the data supplied.

15 .LandPro reserve the right to make any enquiries with the potential employer as to the status of the project award, its values, or any other information which may be of interest commercially or with regard to the contract itself.

Charges and payments

16. Charges for consumables and expenses supplied in the quotation to the client are estimates only. The client must reimburse LandPro for all reasonable expenses incurred on proof of the expense.

17. Payment for the work must be made as agreed on the quotation or within 30 days of invoice.

18. If the work is performed on the Award bonus scheme, the award bonus will become due immediately on award of the project to the client.

19. Award of the works constitute an order, letter of intent, or formal contract but can also be construed as the beginning of the contract works or the receipt of any payment from the clients employer for the works.

20. If the client fails to take up the works once awarded, this will not affect LandPro’s rights to claim for full payment of the award and any other payments due.

21. The rights to vary or negotiate the value of the award bonus or any other payments based on the quotation remain exclusively with LandPro Limited.

22. LandPro Limited may choose to stage their invoices for payments to suit the cash flow of the client based on each individual project. This does not affect LandPro’s right to claim payments immediately on award of the contract.

23. Any queries regarding a sum invoiced for work must be raised within 14 days of submission of invoice.

24. If the contract or work is terminated after starting on site, all payments will remain payable as above unless agreed to by LandPro Limited.

25. LandPro Ltd reserves the right to charge interest under the “Late payments of commercial debts(interest) act” as amended at the current rate for payments that are due but not paid on time.

 Refund return and Cancellation policy.

LandPro Payments. Payments for LandPro services will be requested by invoice in all cases. Refunds or reductions will be subject to mutual agreement