Garden Designers

Landscape architects and garden designers

Protecting your reputation by supporting your design stage drawings with accurate garden cost information

 Landscape Cost Consultant services for Garden Designers.
Making sure that your design suits your clients cost brief when the contractor’s prices are returned.
LandPRO Ltd are the UK’s most specialist landscape and external works cost consultancy, assisting you to deliver designs compliant with your client’s budget brief.
Through our involvement with cost of landscape and garden construction we proudly claim to being the UK’s premier consultants in our specialist field of the cost of gardens and landscapes.
Our experience extends the cost of gardens in both hard and soft landscape elements, especially in the detailed high specification garden whether domestic, public or educational.
We work with you to ensure that your design matches the budget that you are designing to and that your control of your client’s garden cost budget is as good as your design.

We support your practice and your work, specifically in the following areas:

Design stage cost feasibility – A upper level check of your design to report the projected cost

Pre-tender cost feasibility – A more detailed calculation usually prior to tender to ensure that the tenders will come back on budget

Landscape Bills of Quantity – A scheduled landscape bill will generally return far keener pricing from a set of tenderers saving your client between 3% -10% on their landscape build cost. Please call us to ask  -Why? and How?

Landscape architects and garden designers