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Landscape costs budgets and feasibility for Landscape Architects and Garden Designers

Our expert witness statements are well supported for credibility by our reputation as specialist landscape cost experts and our knowledge of Landscape and garden cost, landscape construction methods and landscape practice.

Our Landscape expert witness statements and reports are always supported by attributable cost data and verifiable calculation reports.  We will formulate, calculate and provide opinion and expert witness verification with detailed support documentation on issues (such as, but not limited to)

Landscape cost related issues

Landscape or garden construction valuations

Landscape bills of quantity or landscape measurement issues

Benefits of using Landpro as your landscape expert witness

We are recognised as the industries foremost consultants in the field of landscape cost.

Our data production for your claim is supported by our ongoing work in the costs of landscape and gardens.

Our long association as the compilers of the Spon’s External Works and Landscape Price Book supports our credibility as your expert witness.

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