About Us

We are Landscape based Quantity Surveyors with a strong Landscape construction background which encompasses both the Civil, Construction and Horticultural side of the landscape.
Our roots are in Landscape and Landscape construction but we understand cost and how to get your project started and completed and to ensure that what you want delivered, is what you have budgeted for and what you expected.

About Us

Our specialist practice was started in 1991 by Sam Hassall, the principal. 

Sam studied civil engineering and Landscape construction management abroad, completing his studies in 1982. He has expertise in all aspects of Ground engineering, Landscape construction, as well as horticulture, botany, and soil sciences. He has over 25 years’ experience in the Landscape installation and aftercare industry. His work experience includes civil construction and an extensive base in landscape construction and management.

Our projects range from £30k up to £10 million.
We are regular guest lecturers in Landscape project costing, contract management and computer applications in the industry.

Our primary function as a company is shown below

Client consultancy

is to work for our client to deliver the landscape or garden specified or required at budget and in time by planning and understanding the proceses and costs involved and managing them alongside our client.

Landscape architects and garden designers
Landscape architects and garden designers

Contractor consultancy

To assist you to win, manage and deliver landscape or garden contracts which are compliant and profitable.

Expert witness

We act as an Expert Witness in landscape cost disputes.  Our practice operates primarily in the UK and we have on-site experience in Europe. Please see the other links below for more specific information. More about us below.

landscape expert witness

Spon’s External works and Landscape Price Book

LandPRO have been the trusted partner of Aecom PLC since 1998 advising, compiling calculating editing and delivering Spon’s data to the Landscape industry.

Our delivery has always been on time with reliable researched  and relevant content, delivered to assist Landscape professionals


Site surveys

We carry out electronic site surveys for landscape professionals. Our surveys can optionally include plant labelling on the survey.

site survey for Landscape architects and garden designers
By Clive Hassall

Advice and strategy

We carry out consultancy to mentor new companies in business strategies and develop their companies. We carry out a fair amount of Pro-Bono work mentoring young landscape professionals who are attempting to get onto the landscape ladder.


Our clients

Our clients range from private domestic clients to National Utility companies with everything in between. We are proud to be associated with organisations such as Thames water, Aecom, The RHS, Local Authorities, and the best of all the UK’s Landscape contractors.

garden private clients