Local Authorities

Local Authorities

site survey for Landscape architects and garden designers

Landscape QS services for Local Authorities 

We deliver landscape cost control for public projects

Landscape quantity surveying services for local authorities and managers of landscape assets

LandPro has worked for many years with local authorities, housing organisations, schools, health authorities and managers of green space in general.

Our expertise is to assist your design and planning teams in specialist cost planning, and production of tender information.

We work with you and your design or green space management team to produce design, short term or long term landscape planning to comply with your budget time and your service obligations to your clients and customers.

Our wide experience extends to

  • Parks
  • Schools 
  • Public spaces
  • Roads
  • Public amenity space
  • Hospitals
  • Rail and infrastructure
  • Heritage sites
local authorities Landscape architects and garden designers
Landscape architects and garden designers

Landscape costs budgets and feasibility for Landscape Architects and Garden Designers

  • We produce advance studies cost feasibility reports, tenders and management information on all types and classes of public green space and amenity areas
  • Landscape cost planning for new capital landscape or green space projects
  • Advance planning of landscape maintenance costs and cost prediction of future requirements
  • Long term maintenance cost planning schedules contracts and tenders
  • Park construction and refurbishment
  • LandPRO understands your responsibility to provide transparent and verifiable cost information


Analysis of cost and resource requirement for future project dates.

Budget planning tender bills and cost management.

As specialist landscape quantity surveyors we can predict future cost in the language and specification of you green space management teams and your contractors.

We can formulate tenders that are feasible for tender and accurate submission with a minimum of tender phase query by tenderers.

We can advise on how to construct tenders to ensure maximum tender return by invited contractors and maximizing cost efficiency and tender compliancy for both the employer organization a the tenderers.

Landscape architects and garden designers