Landscape Contractors – Landscape estimating for Landscape contractors

Landscape estimating for Landscape and Garden Contractors.

Landscape architects and garden designers

We ensure your profit by understanding your costs. 

As a Landscape Contractor, your two main priorities are winning new business and making your projects profitable. 


However, not all contractors have highly experienced surveyors to hand, or the time to produce accurate and professional project estimates.


We understand your days are spent running existing projects, often leaving new tenders and estimates as an afterthought to be cobbled together in the evenings. 

For you, this means three things:- 

You are spending far too much of your free time working. (we can fix that)

Your tenders do not get the focus they deserve – reducing accuracy in projected costs which ultimately leads to reduced profitability. (we can fix that)

Your tenders are not as professional as they could be – which can result in lost bids. (we can fix that)

Landscape architects and garden designers
Landscape architects and garden designers

The service we offer you

  • We are usually able to give you a fixed fee for the tender based on a 2 tier-  Win/Lose basis.
  • Firstly we produce a detailed quote for you showing you how we will spend our time.
  • Then we will measure every aspect of every task and produce a detailed schedule.
  • We break down the project into every labour, material, machinery and sub-contract  resource.
  • We tell you what it’s going to COST YOU to do this Job. 
  • Once you know your costs and risk you can reduce your margin because all the risk is in the cost.

See an abridged set of sample reports for a domestic project

We produce your submission documentation. 

We  advise, discuss and fine tune  the mark-ups to apply (if required) and the returns of the works. We give you management reports and management tools, buying lists, and work schedules that ensure your profit.

The result

 Professionally submitted tenders, leaving absolutely no stone unturned.

The jobs you win will always make a profit.


 Our expertise and track record in the Garden and Construction sector has won our clients some of the most desirable projects in the industry. 

and then …

If you require, we will work with you negotiating changes, revisions, re-submissions, and finally the final contract pricing and contract terms. 

LandPRO’s expertise in the garden and landscape construction sector has won our clients some of the most desirable works.

We are the original specialist landscape quantity surveying service in the UK.

We work with Landscape tenders and Landscape Quotes and will normally give you a fixed price for any project.

Landscape architects and garden designers